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Listings for Travel Lifts (6)


1999 Mi-Jack 750D TraveLift

1999 Mi-Jack 750D TraveLift: Cummins Power Hook Height: 24′-10″ Inside Clear Width: 39′-5″ Single Trolly Condition: Fairley Good Location: Southeast USA Notes: Travel lift operates […]

$150,000.00 Each

MI-JACK 750D Travel Lifts (2)

MI-JACK 750D Travel Lifts (2): Inside Clear Width: 25′ Hook Height: 28′-10″ Wheel Base: 30′ Steering Angle: 35 deg. Capacity Under Hook: 50 ton Condition: […]


50 Ton Shuttlelift Gantry Crane/Travel Lift

50 Ton Shuttlelift Gantry Crane/Travel Lift: Condition: Fairly Good Notes: One of the legs (the red one) is broken. Fully operational and includes surplus rebuilt […]


Mi-Jack 6500 Travel Lift/Gantry Crane

Mi-Jack 6500 Travel Lift/Gantry Crane: Inside clear width (ICW): 39′-7″ Hook Height (HH): 28′-7″ Wheel Base (WB): 24′ Steering Angle: 27 deg. Capacity Under Hook: […]


ROPCO 37 Ton Travel Lift

ROPCO 37 Ton Travel Lift: Model: C-750 DOM: 1979 Condition: Fairly Good Location: Florida Notes: This is a fully functioning travel lift that is used […]


1977 Mi-Jack Travelift

1977 Mi-Jack Travelift: Model 650AI 55 ft span 30 ton Condition: Fairly Good Notes:  Seller has the ability to load.

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